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At MKH Digital it is our passion to help expand the work you’ve already put in to make your business shine. Building upon the foundation, ideas, and ethos of what you’re all about, we will help you cultivate a brand identity to evoke your company culture and an online experience to engage and grow your audience.

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Many of our clients see tackling web design and brand development as too daunting of a task and don’t know where to start. We’re here to simplify things for you. We’ll provide you with all of the tools to get your ideas onto paper and make your dreams a reality. With status updates, frequent check-ins, and zero radio silence, you will never feel left hanging. We’ll make sure nothing falls through the cracks and that every item we create to represent your brand maintains the highest level of consistency and thoughtfulness. Operating as an extension of your team, we work with you to create a unique digital strategy that will position your brand to function in harmony with your business.

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Katie found web and graphic design as a creative outlet after spending years in the video production field. Wanting a little more freedom from the video format, she first explored web design back in 2014, playing with template-based sites and learning the complexities of code building from the ground up. Moving forward in time she took on work in marketing and brand development before returning to MKH Digital full time to fulfill that creative itch.

“Working with entrepreneurs to help cultivate and illustrate their true brand personas is what really drives me. Finding that intersection of design, function, and storytelling is where the magic really happens.”

Holding high standards of communication, reliability, and quality of work, Katie is dedicated to her clients and focused on delivering meaningful design strategy.

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